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by Charlie Hammer  (

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Don’t. Push. Me. Cus. I’m. Close. To the. Edge. ( now read it like a fat penguin) lol 

Finally got a chance to catch up and have a quick shoot with the wonderful @suem0m0 this little gangsta almost gave me a heart attack that night lol 

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The Last Supper 

It’s still a bit of a shock for me:/ two years I spent at Kisho. Two years I spent with the fam. Started out from serving to being the panda chef lol. I will miss you guys so much. Specially with All the late night kbbq, ramen, TGIF, lazydogs, and all the beers we went every week . All the gay jokes and grabass (you know who you are) that went around on a slow days. The newbies we all have to train every week. All the drama and bs to deal with just to get that money. I love you and I miss you guys so much already. Thank you for being wonderful friends and family. I will never forget you guys. #fuckerich  lmao 

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Let’s do this! I got a few outdoor graffiti spots I want to try out. Who’s up for it?:D 1 week ago / 0 notes
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